Families See Marked Improvement with Mente Autism Headband


Family members are often impacted by the behavioral troubles displayed by their autistic children. One of the most prominent issues they face is the emotional distress that results from daily challenges. In most situations, the emotional outbursts and unusual behaviors leave many families psychologically and physically drained.

Many find it arduous to deal with the challenges, hence the need for autism treatments and other methods for coping. With Mente Autism, families are seeing marked improvements and receiving the assistance they need to regain control over their family life.

Giovanni, Father to 13-year-old Samuele, Has Observed Significant Improvements

Before being introduced to Mente Autism, Giovanni heard about similar technologies being implemented in labs to assist with the symptoms of autism. He was pleased to hear about Mente Autism and its portability, so he decided to try it. His son, Samuele, was also willing to give the device a chance.

In the morning before commencing with other activities, Samuele quietly sits down with the headband on for a 40-minute session. When the family travels, they bring the headband as well as the tablet with them, so they don’t have to worry about disrupting the routine both Samuele and his family rely on.  

Since using the device, they have seen a change in his demeanor. Samuele is calmer and concentrates better. His adverse sleeping patterns have also altered, thus allowing Samuele to sleep more soundly and throughout the night. Samuele’s communication skills are more refined as he freely expresses his likes and dislikes. This change was evident during their skiing trip where he informed them that he did not want to participate, but after seeing a few girls skiing, he decided to join in the fun.

Giovanni was pleased to note improvements that were not evident before using the device. He has seen the changes in his son, and for this reason, continues to use Mente Autism.

To review, Giovanni testimonial video, click here.

Mente Autism Is Helping Families

Mente Autism is a remarkable device that is helping many children develop new or existing skills, and it’s also helping their families, who have gained peace of mind that they can provide meaningful autism therapy at home for their child. Mente Autism is assisting them to cope with the challenging behaviors that many family members may struggle to manage. With the consistent use of the Mente Autism apparatus, improvements can be witnessed typically within four to eight weeks. If you have questions regarding this device, please contact us for more information.  

Neurotech’s unique mission statement “to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions” & making in-home use and clinical solutions accessible and affordable sets us apart from other neurofeedback solutions. Mente Autism is the world’s first medical device for affordable home use. Specifically, it is designed to help children relax their minds, which in turn helps them to focus better and engage positively with their environment. We invite you to contact us or any of our distribution partners to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.


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