Mente Autism Is Helping Kids with Autism to Develop Different Skills


One of the common difficulties some kids with autism face is their challenge with organizational skills and their inability to grasp abstract thinking. This limitation generally affects their ability to process math as efficiently as children who do not have autism spectrum disorder. However, it is important to note each child is unique. There are those who do well with numbers while there are others who struggle.

As for art and creativity, this is something that some children on the spectrum are unable to express. However, it has been noted by parents and professionals, with the use of Mente Autism as a form of autism treatment, this aptitude improves significantly. Continue reading below to see how this device is contributing to the success of autistic children.  


Mente Autism Has Specifically Helped a Child with Art and Math

Cristina is the mother of a 12-year-old-boy named Samuel who has autism medium-high cognitive disorder. She has expressed her admiration for Mente Autism and provided her testimonial after Samuel was using the device for over a year and six months.

Like many others, Samuel was not receptive to the device at first but over time would ask for it on his own. During the sessions, he remained calm and would advise his parents of its completion. They witnessed a noteworthy change in his speech, tone of voice, and handwriting.

Samuel used to be opposed to drawing, but with the sessions, he became more willing to paint. He was also able to imitate other pictures effortlessly, especially one of his favorite cartoon character Mickey Mouse. His parents were so amazed by his intricacy and ability to replicate the distinctive traits of this character as, before this, his drawings of faces consisted of empty features.

His willingness to draw persisted even into his school work. Here, his parents also witnessed his development in art through his ability to represent natural landscapes and other distinguishing features. In addition to this, math became a new interest of Samuel’s. As the school year went on, he was able to learn new concepts such as algebraic expressions, subtraction, division, and many others.

Cristina was thrilled to see such significant improvement in Samuel not only in art and math, but also in his calm demeanor, sleeping habits, and a variety of other improvements. To test the actual effects of Mente Autism, she suspended Samuel’s use. Cristina quickly realized that without it, Samuel’s agitation and limited concentration re-surfaced. She and her family now understand how significant Mente Autism is for Samuel and his development.

View Cristina’s testimonial video here.


Neurotech’s unique mission statement “to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions” & making in-home use and clinical solutions accessible and affordable sets us apart from other neurofeedback solutions. Mente Autism is the world’s first medical device for affordable home use. Specifically, it is designed to help children relax their minds, which in turn helps them to focus better and engage positively with their environment. We invite you to contact us or any of our distribution partners to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.


For more information on Mente Autism and how it can help your child, feel free to read more information on our site.


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