Mente Autism – The History of Mente Autism

The Mente Autism device is an award-winning neurofeedback technology device that’s designed to calm the minds of children with autism. The device was developed by AAT Research Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Australia-based medical device and solutions company Neurotech International Limited. Today we want to introduce you to the people involved in the creation of the Mente Autism device and give you a little more background about the company behind it.

Neurotech: Improving the Lives of People with Neurological Conditions 

The main goal of Neurotech is to provide affordable and accessible home-use and clinical-based medical devices that can help to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions, including autism. To develop neurotechnology solutions like their flagship Mente Autism device, Neurotech has dedicated years to understanding the human brain, devoted years to research and development, and run tests and pilot studies to guarantee safety, efficacy, and results. Thanks to their perseverance and passion, children with autism and their families now have a successful medical device that can help to manage autism, and that they can use in the comforts of their own home without having to invest a fortune.

Introducing the People Behind the Scenes

Wolfgang Storf is the chief executive officer at AAT Research, and he joined the company back in 2016. He’s ideal for this role because he has decades of experience as a senior executive, and has a solid track record planning and executing global strategies in commercial, technical, and research and development capacities.

Mario Raciti is a former paramedic and nurse who is now the chief commercial officer at Neurotech. In this role, he took on responsibility for commercializing the Mente Autism device, and was also responsible for creating partnerships and expanding the company’s global distribution network.

Dr. Marco Rotonda is a neuroscientist with a doctorate in cognitive psychology, physiology, and personality. He heads up the R&D department, which he is well-suited for thanks to his years of education and research in the fields of neurofeedback, biofeedback, and mental training.

The Mente Autism device is the first of many home- and clinical-based medical devices to come from AAT and Neurotech.. The Mente Autism device has been hugely successful for families who have autistic children, because it relaxes the children’s minds, improves communication and focus, and helps them to better engage with their environments. In the end, this is the ultimate goal of Neurotech, a company who wants to provide neurotechnology solutions that will help improve the lives of people with neurological conditions.

Neurotech’s unique mission statement “to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions” & making in home-use and clinical solutions accessible and affordable sets us apart from other neurofeedback solutions.  Mente Autism is the world’s first medical device for affordable home use specifically designed to help children relax their minds which in turn helps them to focus better and engage positively with their environment. We invite you to contact us or any of our distribution partners to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.





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